The Captain's Gift Basket

The Captain's Gift Basket

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In an effort to prevent a mutiny and maintain order this holiday season, we offer The Captain's Gift Basket!  Whether you give this basket to someone who is a literal or figurative captain, it will definitely have the desired effect!  That being said, whether the saying is entirely true or not, is another matter altogether.

The Captain's Gift Basket includes:

  • The Captain is Always Right ballcap
  • The Captain is Always Right mug
  • A pair of Conscious Step shark socks, so that your Captain can demonstrate that he/she cares about protecting the World's Oceans. (Conscious Step contributes to Oceana)
  • A Maine Maritime Museum shot glass
  • A Maine Maritime Museum patch of the Wyoming, the largest commercial wooden sailing vessel ever built (and it was constructed right here, at the Percy & Small shipyard!)

Limited quantities of this basket are available.