The Cribbage Gift Basket
"Into the Lantern' Maine Maritime Museum Glasses

The Cribbage Gift Basket

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Sir John Suckling, a 17th century English courtier, gambler and poet, is credited with launching the game of cribbage (derived from the game of Noddy).  It has lasted the test of time as a way to wile away the hours, most notably among fisherman and sailors.  Isn't it time to introduce this well loved game to your family members or friends?  

This gift basket includes the following:

A unique Maine Shellware cribbage board (containing a centered background of crushed mussel, clam or lobster shells).  Boards vary in shell color and will have either a red lobster, sailboat or a black lighthouse accent.  

A set of Maine Maritime Museum's 'Into the Lantern' Glasses for your favorite gaming beverage.

A deck of 'Don't Freeze Out There' playing cards.  Each card gives tips on staying warm and dry, so you can simultaneously up your game as it relates to cold weather survival!

A bag of Bixby Sea-Salted Caramels to help your competitors keep up their spirits, as you carry the game!