Mary E Rig Knife with marlin spike made by Maine Knife Company for Maine Maritime Museum
Detail of antler scrimshaw handle
Detail of included marlin spike
Mary E Rig Knife in included hand-made leather sheath

Mary E Rig Knife

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This one-of-a-kind Mary E rig knife was designed by Maine Knife Company for the Maine Maritime Museum. Support the museum with this gorgeous, unique, and practical gift!

Created with a limited production run of 100, Maine Knife Company has laser etched "Mary E 1906" onto the scrimshaw antler handle. The steel blade is ideal for cutting many types of rope and strong enough to take a hit from a mallet. The knife comes with a 6" steel marlin spike, used for untying knots and other marine ropework, and leather sheath.

The schooner Mary E, built in Bath, Maine in 1906, is the oldest floating wooden vessel built on the Kennebec River. A genuine piece of deck plank from the original 1906 Mary E is included.

Overall length 8.25". Avoid water and constant abrasion along the scrimshaw portion.